St Martin Trip

So i don’t usually post non flying stuff on this website, however this is St Maartin after all, and this video has a lot of aviation in it – you’ve been warned. St Maartin is a small island in the french west indies – part of the Caribbean – and the airport there is the […]

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A flight around Edinburgh

So this was filmed about a month ago in early December. It was a refresher for me, and i wanted to cover as many things as possible, NAV, controlled airspace communications, doing something i hadn’t done before and fly over the city of Edinburgh itself. Then into uncontrolled airfield comms with a touch and go, then back […]

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Flying My First Passenger

Today I flew my first passenger, my girlfriend, Anna. She is a pretty nervous flyer, and it was on a day when it was a close call on wether or not to fly. The wind was 220/15 on runway 27 so it was quite close, however other pilots reported that the wind was fairly constant […]

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